Reebok Supershow 1999

Atlanta, Georgia


Building on our success with the 1998 Reebok Supershow, we were invited for a repeat performance the following year.

Our design was crafted to support Reebok’s new “Are You Feeling It” campaign, which involved posters and billboards imitating front page sports headlines. The odd messages mocked the bloated importance of sports in contemporary life, and its negative influence on its fans. These broadsides were wild-posted in key cities on walls, construction sites, and abandoned lots.

When we saw the campaign unfolding in San Francisco, we raced to shoot the campaign in close-up, long shot, in-between pedestrians, daylight and nighttime, rain and sun. We didn’t yet have a plan — we hadn’t even begun the design process — but we knew that posters would not be up for long, so we seized the moment.

None of the urban grit in the pictures was staged, and we were especially pleased when heavy rain buckled and sagged many of the posters.

Our design proposal featured wall treatments composed with our photographs of the campaign in action. The ten-foot scale and dramatic combinations created a real sense of place and energy. The static campaign came alive.

The corridor walls use details from our photographs to shepherd customers through the exhibition space. Extreme perspectives and atmospheric conditions were all part of our exploration and translated nicely in the exhibition space. Every surface, including exits and reception areas, was considered in our comprehensive design proposal. To accompany the newsprint campaign, we also designed a printed newspaper take-away to be distributed from a bank of sidewalk-style news vending boxes. (The last six images are all spreads from the news flyer.)