ADOBE: Random Acts of Creativity

Adobe Headquarters, San Jose, California

June 2014

This installation, one of Adobe System’s Random Acts of Creativity, debuts today (June 18 2014) at Adobe’s San Jose, California headquarters. The inspiration began during my first visit to the building, when I was struck by the extensive row of fifteen columns that line the exterior. The sharp angular lines, patterns of triangles and diamonds, and sea of grey reflective material all became starting points for my work. I translated those geometric elements into a series of drawings and constructions, using simple materials like plastic, glass, paper and light.

These objects all performed in front of my camera, producing over 3000 photographs which, when printed, comprised the raw materials for this design feat. After gathering the pictures, I and my assistants Tim Carpenter spent six days at Adobe piecing together these panels using push pins on homasote board. I was hoping to create a sensation that felt like the sober architecture was put through a fantastic kaleidoscope, and judging by the enthusiastic reaction, I succeeded.

My work frequently celebrates these hand processes, and it is especially gratifying that Adobe, a company that is deeply embedded in the digital realm of design and imagery, should be so supportive of design and art that exist as human interactions in real time and real space.

I hope this picture gallery does justice to the feeling of walking through the fifteen columns that bend around the building’s facade. One cannot see all of the columns in a single glance, and so the journey reveals its delights slowly, inviting pedestrians to look up from their phones and inspect the details. Although the installation will only remain for six days, I hope that this record of it is inspiration to others.